Current CTU Trials

We work with clinical academics across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region to design, coordinate, manage and disseminate UK and Europe-wide multi-centre, interventional clinical trials.

We support multi-centre trials (Phase II – III) including those in Oncology, Nutrition, Digital Health, Sleep and Dementia.

Study code Title Disease Recruitment Study Start (expected) Status More information
CTU-58 Vinehealth: Randomised Controlled Trial of Vinehealth Digital Health Cancer Solution Breast, Lung & Colorectal Cancer Not yet open March 2021 In set up Click here
CTU-32 eFI in Cancer: The role of Electronic Frailty Index in improving outcomes for newly diagnosed cancer patients undergoing systemic chemotherapy treatment Breast, Lung & Colorectal Cancer Open July 2020 Click here
CTU-3 An Innovative Educational Intervention to Improve Uptake of Hepatitis B and C Testing in South East Asians: Intervention Development and a Feasibility Study for a RCT Hepatitis Closed July 2016 Analysis & Reporting Click here
CTU-1 eSMART: Randomised controlled trial to evaluate electronic Symptom Management using the Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS) Remote Technology for patients with cancers Breast, Colorectal and Haematological Cancer Closed September 2015 Analysis & Reporting Click here
CTU-2 CHELsea: Clinically Assisted Hydration at end of Life. A cluster randomised trial of clinically-assisted hydration for cancer patients in the last days of life (feasibility study) Cancer Closed February 2015 Analysis & Reporting Click here
CTU-5 EDMONd: A feasibility study of Elemental Diet as an alternative to parenteral nutrition for ovarian cancer patients with inoperable Malignant bowel Obstruction Ovarian Cancer Closed June 2017 Analysis & Reporting Click here
CTU-8 RosProx: Preventing muscle wasting in critically ill patients by repetitive occlusive stimulus (ROS): a feasibility study Critical Care (ICU) Closed September 2017 Analysis & Reporting Click here

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