Current CTU Trials

We work with clinical academics across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex region to design, coordinate, manage and disseminate UK and Europe-wide multi-centre, interventional clinical trials.

We support multi-centre trials (Phase II – III) including those in Oncology, palliative care, vaccine development, hepatology and diabetes.

Study code Title Disease Recruitment Study Start (expected) Status More information
CTU-3 An Innovative Educational Intervention to Improve Uptake of Hepatitis B and C Testing in South East Asians: Intervention Development and a Feasibility Study for a RCT Hepatitis Closed July 2016 Analysis & Reporting Click here
CTU-9 Using telemedicine to improve access, cost, and quality of secondary care for people in prison: feasibility study Digital Health in Prisons Not yet open May 2019 In set up Click here
CTU-23 PROTEIN: PeRioperative Omega Three and the Effect on ImmuNity Colorectal Cancer - Nutrition Open July 2018 Click here
CTU-6 HighPole: A Phase 2 trial of a 6-week treatment schedule of neoadjuvant nivolumab and ipilimumab in operable MSI high or POLE exonuclease domain mutant colon cancer (CRC) Colorectal Cancer Not yet open September 2018 In set up Click here
CTU-1 eSMART: Randomised controlled trial to evaluate electronic Symptom Management using the Advanced Symptom Management System (ASyMS) Remote Technology for patients with cancers Device Trial in Breast, Colorectal and Haematological Cancer Open September 2015 Click here
CTU-2 CHELsea: Clinically Assisted Hydration at end of Life. A cluster randomised trial of clinically-assisted hydration for cancer patients in the last days of life (feasibility study) Cancer Closed February 2015 Click here
CTU-5 EDMONd: A feasibility study of Elemental Diet as an alternative to parenteral nutrition for ovarian cancer patients with inoperable Malignant bowel Obstruction Ovarian Cancer Open June 2017 Click here
CTU-8 RosProx: Preventing muscle wasting in critically ill patients by repetitive occlusive stimulus (ROS): a feasibility study Critical Care (ICU) Open September 2017 Click here

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